Defringe in Adobe Lightroom 4.1: A Killer Feature.

Fringing, the bane of a photographer’s existence. Unlike Chromatic aberration, which is more consistent, Fringing is due to errors in the camera sensor or lens that often cause color shifts around in focus objects. Oftentimes this will appear as green and purple, with different color behind and in front of your in focus area of the image. Most often they appear when shooting a lens wide open. High end full frame camera’s can fix this automatically, but for others fixing this usually involved some Photoshop work.

However there is now a simple yet robust way to do this in the newest version of Lightroom 4. Above you see the new defringe panel, it allows you to precisely pick colors to defringe via sliders or even better the eydropper tool for accuracy. Lets take a quick look at this great new tool in action.

Note the Fringing around the snow and boots.

Here we have an old shot I took, probably the worst example of this problem that I have. It was shot wide open on a Rokinon 85mm at f/1.4 with a bad filter, in broad daylight, in snow. A guaranteed way to get a heavily fringed image. With a little tweaking the new defringe filter cleans it right up.

Focus point is on his glove

I applied just a touch of purple compensation, when I noticed it was eating into the blue on the bindings a bit I adjusted the slider to compensate.

Viola! A perfectly defringed image without a second spent in photoshop.

It’s quick and powerful and saves you time.

You can download the newest Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate HERE.

For more information on this new tool, check it out on the Adobe Blog.


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